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Insight Sessions: Weekend Warrior

A case study of a male in his early 20s, "weekend warrior" wishing to gain weight. Diet and lifestyle not supporting activity levels.

Case Study

Live Date

March 2023

Case Subject

Weekend Warrior







What's included?

  • Case Study
  • Initial Consultation + Follow-up
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Supplement Discussion
  • Alternate Approaches based on Progress
  • Discussion Topic

Collaborate with Peers

Collaborate with peers and experts on typical nutrition and lifestyle cases. Whether you are just starting out, want current information on a certain topic or just want to be with your tribe, each session has something for everyone.

What to expect

Insight Sessions cover a presentation around a typical client and their process through the nutrition and lifestyle process. After the case, there will be a relevant discussion topic bringing in up to date information.
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